Female Passengers On Qatar Airways Flight To Australia Detained & Required To Remove Underwear


There was disturbing news coming out of Doha about what happened to female passengers on Qatar Airways flights bound to Australia and other destinations.

Qatar Airways

Female passengers were detained and required to remove the underwear. They were then forced to go an invasive examination on the tarmac due to a prematurely born baby found in the terminal ladies’ room.

Here’s an excerpt from the 7News:

Women at the airport, including 13 Australians, were removed from flights, detained and forced to undergo an inspection in an ambulance on the tarmac.

Qatari authorities forced the women to remove their underwear.

The incident occurred at Hamad International Airport in Doha after staff discovered a foetus, described as a premature baby, allegedly abandoned in the terminal bathroom.

It’s alleged the 13 Australian women had their genitals invasively examined, without their consent.


You have to remember that you, as a non-national, have basically no rights in any of the Gulf-states if things go south or you are accused of something that often would be a trivial issue in western countries.

We all remember that Starwood female employee who reported rape by her colleagues, but she was put in jail for non-marital sex in UAE.

I am surprised that they couldn’t find footage of who went it and came out from the ladies’ room and then matched the image with passengers and possible employees too? It is a rather draconian measure to remove female passengers from planes and do vaginal examinations for them on the tarmac.