Avianca LifeMiles Rollover Into 2021 & Lowered 2020 Qualification Requirement

Avianca, an airline going through bankruptcy reorganization, has made it easier for LifeMiles members to qualify for elite status in 2020 and 2021.

Elite miles earned in October – December 2020 are rolled over to 2021. Also, tier qualification requirements for 2020 have been reduced by 50%.

You can access Avianca here.


Miles earned during the October, November and December 2020 flights will be credited as momentum in the 2021 Elite race.

Elite qualifying miles, not sure about the dollars, earned October, November, and December 2020, are rolled over to 2021.

Qualification Requirements

LifeMiles have lowered qualification requirements in 2020 by 50%.


Avianca needs to work on the LifeMiles qualification requirements in 2021 as well. Merely rolling over miles flown October – December this year won’t be enough.

The lowered elite qualification requirements in 2020 won’t help many considering that Avianca has been grounded for an extended period. There are very few medium/long-haul flights at the moment.