Have You Used Your Priority Pass Or Credit Card Lounge Access At All This Year?


As the year quickly comes to a close with much of air travel reduced due to Covid-19 I found myself using the Priority Pass attached to one of my credit cards for just the third time this entire year.

The use frequency might in fact play a large role how I value the membership fees of some of my credit cards this year, especially the Amex Charge Cards and Chase Sapphire Reserve.

I have to say I’m generally a big fan of Priority Pass and have covered it multiple times over the years due to my (usually) frequent visits especially in Asia but also in Europe at times.

It’s a pretty valuable tool to me when flying airlines that don’t have a lounge at all such as budget carriers or when the offered local lounge option isn’t very nice and I like to try something different (like at Denpasar Airport in Bali).

Today I flew Air Asia from Phuket (only airline to fly direct to Chiang Mai) and for obvious reasons Air Asia doesn’t offer lounge access.

There is however a Priority Pass option at Phuket Airport for domestic departures. Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge offers cardholders access which is nice for the short wait.

But as I sat there I was wondering how often I actually made use of my Priority Pass at all during the entire year. I came to a total of three visits since January.

Obviously there was very little travel this year and for some of my trips I had lounge access anyway but I only visited these three PP Lounges since January:

  • SATS Lounge Singapore
  • Miracle Lounge Bangkok
  • Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge Phuket

Now I might be able to add a couple more and my annual renewal date for the Chase Sapphire Reserve is May, not January but overall this is still a low number.


With Priority Pass often being a substantial benefit factor for premium credit cards where annual fees can range between $450-550 (sometimes depending on the location and card product more than US$1000) per year it’s a big devaluation if you can’t use it at all due to lack of travel.

How often have you used your Priority Pass this year and do you still see value provided by either your credit card or the PP membership itself?

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