Argentina Will Reopen For Neighboring Countries This Summer

Argentina began allowing domestic commercial flights for the first time since March last week. Buenos Aires has eased strict lockdown this week, allowing restaurants, businesses, and gyms to reopen at 25% of their usual capacity.

Now, the country’s Tourism & Sports Minister has told that Argentina will reopen for tourism from neighboring countries through the air (EZE) and port (Buenos Aires) from this summer (no date specified) with a negative PCR test.

Here’s an excerpt from the Buenos Aires Times:

“The national government has taken the decision to open the borders to receive tourists from neighbouring countries. In principle, [entry] will be by air, through the Ezeiza [international] airport and by sea through the port of Buenos Aires,” the minister told Radio Mitre in an interview.

Argentina’s tourism industry, as with vacation-based businesses across the world, has suffered a catastrophic fall in activity amid the coronavirus pandemic. Normally, such activity accounts for around 10 percent of GDP.

Regarding health protocols, Lammens said Saturday that tourists from Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay would not have to comply with a mandatory quarantine period upon arrival in Argentina.

However, prior to arrival, they will be asked “for a PCR test [result] to have a degree of security.” The minister added that temperature checks will also be carried out to ensure visitors do not have a fever, and that tourists would be asked to sign “an affidavit,” presumably indicating they have not been infected with Covid-19 to their knowledge.


Latin America is soon starting to be mostly open for incoming tourists and business travelers, although there are very few here in Rio de Janeiro where I am currently.

I would assume that Argentina will reopen in December due to Porteños wanting to have their summer vacations in nearby countries and the time of the year easing the Covid-19 infections as it did in the Northern Hemisphere. It then leaves Chile the only major one still closed in South America.

I am scheduled to fly to Buenos Aires from Bogota in early December and then to Europe 10 or so days later. If the opening doesn’t pan out in time, I will change the ticket and fly perhaps back to Brazil or Mexico instead and from there to Europe for Christmas.