Accor ALL Day Room Double Points Through December 16, 2020

Accor has launched a bonus point offer to get members to book Day Room-rates for working out from their hotels through December 16, 2020.

Accor Live Limitless (ALL) members earn double points for these “stay” in select European countries. Remember that only stays booked after registering for this offer count.

You can access this offer on Accor’s website here.

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Here are the eligible countries: Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The Day Room-rates are available daytime from 9 AM until 6 PM. Only bookings made using this specific rate plan are eligible for double points.


Hotels have now found out (surprise surprise!) to market their unsold room inventory as “Hotel Offices” instead of Day Use Rooms under what they have been sold for years (and which I occasionally book).

I didn’t try to pull up the rates to see how good they are with Accor and how easy they are to book.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Double Points Terms & Conditions

  1. General ALL – Accor Live Limitless terms and conditions apply to the Hotel Office Double Points offer and you must be an ALL – Accor Live Limitless member to benefit from it.
  2. To take advantage of this offer, ALL – Accor Live Limitless loyalty programme members must register for the offer (between 19th October 2020, through 23:59 p.m. Central European Time (CET), 16th December 2020) prior to their stay by clicking on the ‘Log on’ button above and then following the instructions. Only bookings, which have been made after successful registration via the log-on button are eligible for this bonus offer.
  3. This offer entitles ALL – Accor Live Limitless members, regardless of their membership status, to multiply the Rewards points they earn by two when staying at any hotel that has enrolled to participate in the ALL – Accor Live Limitless loyalty programme.
  4. Points are earned based on the value of points credited to the member by the hotel following an eligible stay, in accordance with the ALL – Accor Live Limitless general conditions of use and based on Classic status.
  5. On completion of the stay, points will be credited to the member’s account in two separate transactions:
    1. the points corresponding to the value of points that the ALL – Accor Live Limitless member would have been awarded had they not subscribed to the offer will be credited to the member’s account in the first transaction; and
    2. the additional Rewards points earned by subscribing to the offer will be credited to the member’s account in the second transaction, corresponding to the number of Rewards points the ALL – Accor Live Limitless member is still owed in order to have been credited the total number of Rewards points multiplied by two on completion of the two points credit transactions.
    3. For example, an ALL – Accor Live Limitless member who earned 250 Status points and 250 Rewards points for an eligible stay will receive:
      1. An additional 250 Rewards points for offers multiplying the points X2
  6. This offer can be used up to 15 times per member during its validity period. The first stay booked and completed following registration for the offer is eligible for the Rewards points credit, as per the offer conditions.
  7. This offer is valid for a member’s hotel office visit from 19th October 2020 to 18th December 2020 in one of the participating hotels in Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom, and booked between 19th October 2020 through 11:59 p.m. Central European Time (CET), 16th December 2020.
  8. For the purposes of this offer, a stay is understood to be one (1) booking by an ALL – Accor Live Limitless member for one or several rooms. In other words, bookings that include more than one (1) room will be counted as just one (1) stay. The earlier check-out date is counted while the credit of Rewards and Status points is calculated.
  9. In other words, an ALL – Accor Live Limitless member will receive eligible points and nights for the room which he/she vacates first.
  10. The stay must be booked at the Hotel Office rate. If this rate is not available, the member cannot benefit from the offer.
  11. To be eligible for this offer, stays must be booked directly via Accor Live Limitless (via the official Accor websites, the ALL mobile app, the Accor Live Limitless call centre, directly at a hotel) or through a traditional travel agency whose booking system is automatically connected to the Accor Live Limitless booking office. Stays booked via a reseller, tour operator or third-party online travel agent (such as,, etc.) will not be eligible for this offer.
  12. You must provide your ALL – Accor Live Limitless Loyalty card number when making your reservation, and present your card at the hotel reception desk when you check-in for your stay.
  13. The ALL – Accor Live Limitless Rewards points will be credited to the member’s account within 30 days of the member checking out.
  14. This offer cannot be combined with other current promotional offers or advantages and does not apply to groups.
  15. If the stay meets the terms and conditions for several offers, only the Rewards points linked to the most generous offer (meaning that allows you to earn the highest number of Rewards points) will be credited to your account.
  16. Any stay partly or entirely paid with ALL – Accor Live Limitless Rewards points will not be eligible to receive this offer.
  17. This offer is subject to availability. General sales terms and conditions apply for reserved public rates specific to each hotel.
  18. Please specify the reference 012799 in all your communications with Accor Live Limitless call centre or customers care services related to this offer.

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