Hilton Honors Lifetime Diamond Welcome Pack In 2020


Hilton Honors launched lifetime Diamond status in 2014 (read more here), made the qualification requirements public the following year, and updated them in 2016 (read more here).

Hilton Honors Lifetime Diamond 2019

Lifetime Diamond members can expect to receive a gift from Hilton Honors that has varied over the years. In 2017 members could choose from various travel-related goods (read more here) or bonus points, and in 2018 year, Hilton updated the package and included Bose headphones (read more here).

You can access the Hilton Honors page for Diamond lifetime status here.

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Here’s the package in 2020:

You have a welcome note from Mark Weinstein, the head of Hilton Honors, a lifetime Diamond card, and “your Hilton Honors travel journey.”

There is a luggage tag and Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones.

Lifetime Diamond status requirements:

Lifetime Diamond qualifications:

  • Members who have maintained Diamond status for at least 10 years (years do not need to be consecutive)


  • Have stayed at least 1,000 nights – either paid or reward

*As you may know, only paid nights were eligible before.


  • Have accumulated 2 million Base Points since joining the Hilton Honors program

*This is a new feature to enable more members to enjoy Lifetime Diamond status. Also as a reminder, only Base Points are eligible. Bonus Points earned via promotions, co-brand credit cards, or other means do not count towards status.

My progress:

This email is to confirm that you have reached 13 completed years of Diamond status with 603 qualifying nights and 803,999 base points over the life of your Hilton Honors membership, as of January 10, 2020 in progress toward Lifetime Diamond achievement.  As a reminder, Lifetime Diamond qualification requires 10+ years of completed Diamond status and either 1,000 Hilton Honors qualifying nights or 2 million base points are eligible for the status.  Your Lifetime Diamond progress will appear in your Hilton Honors Monthly Statement email once you have hit the half way mark towards Lifetime Diamond.

This was at the beginning of this year. I should be at 660 or so nights by now/.


You cannot find the total number of nights, base points, or years qualified for Diamond status anywhere online.  You need to contact Hilton Honors to get this information, and they promise to get back to you within 10 business days.

Hilton promised to have this information up on its website by the end of 2020 (not sure if they are still on schedule).

I have already maintained the Diamond status for 13 years and earned 800K base points by the beginning of 2020. The number of nights consumed is still 300 from the lifetime requirement.