Priceline VIP Program Launch

Priceline, a US-based OTA best known for its Name Your Own Price-hotels (now gone) and William Shatner-commercials, has now launched its own “loyalty” program called Priceline VIP.

Priceline VIP has four different levels and doesn’t promise you points or free nights in exchange for booking through them, but rather discounts and coupons that are difficult to verify.

You can access Priceline VIP here.

Here are the levels:

VIP Member

VIP Blue

VIP Gold

VIP Platinum

Here are comparison Orbitz benefits:


Priceline and (same company) have been slowly launching their own OTA loyalty programs compared to what Expedia and Orbitz have done with some in-hotel benefits thrown in at select properties.

Priceline really needs to spice up the program if their goal is to sway consumers. It isn’t easy to see why anyone should give Priceline additional business to achieve higher VIP status.

I wonder if this Priceline VIP is merely a copy of Genius?