Downloadable American Express Proof Of Travel Insurance From AXA


American Express card products in select markets come with travel insurance that kicks in when certain travel expenses have been paid using them.

Some countries now require arriving passengers to have proof of insurance in the case of Covid-19 infection-related healthcare expenses, and I wrote a piece last week on how to get one.

A reader commented on the piece and left a link on how you request one from AXA without having to call or email. You can request the certificate here.

There is a warning on the page that you need to contact AXA if you need a certificate that states that Covid-19 related expenses are included.

You then need to select from cards that have insurance products provided by AXA.

You need to identify the card that you have.

Including your personal details.

AXA then promises to email you the certificate.

Which comes through instantaneously.

And there is a link to download the certificate.

The certificate for Covid-19 purposes that the AXA service center emailed to me with clear coverage amounts.


The certificate that comes by filling out the information on AXA’s website doesn’t have any information about the potential coverage limit that many countries require to apply for a visa or right now due to the Covid-19.

However, it is good that you can get some proof within a few minutes rather than contacting AXA and waiting for a day.

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