Reader Question: How’s Rio De Janeiro Right Now?


A LoyaltyLobby reader left us a question on Instagram about the current situation in Rio de Janeiro, where yours truly currently is.

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Here’s the question:

What is it like in Rio right now? Restaurants are open / face mask obligatory inside?

I have now been to Brazil for two weeks and can report the following:

1. Sao Paulo

Quite a few of the shop and F&B outlets in the Jardins area were closed, including all Starbucks stores.

Restaurants and bars must stop admitting new patrons at 10 PM but can continue serving them until 11 PM when they must all close.

Mask usage outside close to 100%, but you can take it off when inside eating and drinking.

2. Rio de Janeiro

Business in Rio de Janeiro is mostly as usual. I don’t think that there is a time limit when bars and restaurants must close, but they do not admit full house (not sure if this is a requirement).

Face covering usage is close to 100%.


I had never seen Sao Paulo this quiet and I have been coming soon to Brazil for 20 years. The situation in Rio de Janeiro is more normal, but the hotels are really quiet, especially during weekdays, and some are still closed. I am not planning to revisit other cities on the current trip.

Brazil very early lifted all restrictions from incoming passengers to the country, but first required (now removed) proof of health insurance that would cover Covid-19 to the tune of 30,000 BRL.

The carnival of 2021 has already been canceled.  It is difficult to see any significant number of incoming arrivals until the pandemic is mostly over, hopefully by the second half of 2021.

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