Chile Reopens For International Air Arrivals In December With A Negative Covid-19 PCR Test

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Chilean Prime Minister told last week that the country would announce this Monday how it would reopen its external border for international arrivals.

The Monday went, but more information was released yesterday by the Undersecretary, who indicated that the visitors with a negative Covid-19 PCR certificate would be welcomed through Santiago’s international airport from December (exact date unclear).

Here’s what we know as of today:

  • Passengers must arrive in Chile through Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benítez Airport (SCL). All other border crossings stay closed.
  • Passenger must provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival (this is difficult for those arriving outside of the region).
  • Passengers must submit an electronic health declaration before arrival that they don’t have any Covid-19 symptoms.

Note that the Chilean media (read more here and here) reports that this will begin in December, but the exact date is unclear, as there is no official notice from the country’s government.


Latin America has mostly opened up for international arrivals. Uruguay is pretty much the only holdout that has decided to keep the country’s borders closed for tourists during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer season.

I tend to travel to Chile a few times a year and like Santiago and other parts of the country. Not sure if I have a chance to visit during my current South America trip, but definitely in early 2021.