Does It Make Any Sense To Stay At Marriott Hotels After Reaching Titanium Status In Absence Of Global Promotion?


Ever since Marriott got rid of their “Rollover Nights” in 2017 one constant question customers battle with is if it makes sense to stay past the elite qualification criteria with one hotel loyalty program or qualify with second?

This year Marriott has dumped a lot of elite qualifying nights into the lap of their members so it’s easy to reach the 75 night level for Titanium – but what then?

As John wrote a couple days ago the recent Marriott Global promotion with 2500 points per stay has ended and so far no replacement has been rolled out, although some members have received targeted promotions in their account.

While Hyatt and Hilton both have implemented a rollover night policy for this year as part of their Covid-19 customer policies.

Those who have now (by mid November) maxed out their opportunities with Marriott Bonvoy ask themselves the legitimate question of why should they continue to stay with the chain instead of maybe broaden their opportunities and rack up another status such as with Hilton and maybe pair it with a status match.

The only way to promote the Marriott status beyond Titanium is Ambassador but that would require to meet a $20,000 spend threshold. Just to put this in perspective, right now I spend $5,030 with 103 nights that includes 15 nights from the Bonvoy Amex and 5 from the Platinum Elite Choice.

I have been staying at Marriott’s in Thailand due to their very generous Megatix promotion with 70% bonus on prepaid vouchers and the very low daily rates. But now there is very little upside to keep doing this and I’ll switch to Hilton starting next week.


I’m a huge proponent of having status with a variety of hotel and airline programs if at all possible. None of the airlines or hotels have presence everywhere and it’s good to be flexible pricing wise as well.

When you travel a lot it’s rather easy to get bored with the same hotels and/or airlines at some point. If you can maintain status with more than one program it opens up more opportunities to explore and enjoy the benefits at different properties.