LATAM’s Lies About Health & Safety Measures


Most airlines, including bankrupt LATAM, have issued safety and health guidelines and promises for travel during the current pandemic.

It is of utmost importance for airlines to make passengers feel safe and comfortable to buy airline tickets and take flights by providing a clean environment where Covid-19 cannot spread. LATAM is failing on its promises… miserably.

You can access LATAM here.

LATAM promises to sanitize aircraft before and after each flight?

How can LATAM then explain pieces of gum and liquid marks on the tray on my LATAM Brasil flight from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo earlier today?

Boarding and disembarking by avoiding crowding?

LATAM was too cheap to pay for a gate at both SDU and CGH and filled buses full of passengers to/from the plane at both ends.

Here’s what LATAM promises on their website (nothing but lies):


I have taken perhaps 30 or so flights ever since this pandemic began, and this was the first one with a visibly uncleaned seat.

Do I believe that airlines try to make us believe that air travel with all before and after flight activities is safe? I do.

Do I believe that they always spend the money to back up their promises?  I do not.  LATAM’s disregard for their promises clearly illustrates this.

And yes, it is our own choice and responsibility to either travel or not during the pandemic, taking into account possible consequences, such as getting infected or infecting others and possibly dying of it.  But cash-strapped airlines who need whatever revenue they can get should not be making promises they can not keep and possibly putting their passengers at risk, just to save a few dollars.