Reader Question: Why IHG Hasn’t Extended December 31, 2020 Expiring Certificates?


Several readers have contacted us regarding IHG Rewards Club certificates set to expire on December 31, 2020, and why they haven’t been extended.

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Here’s one of the emails received from a reader:

I wonder if you have any contacts at IHG to see if they will extend the Chase annual certificates.  They extended them to 12/31 this year but have not extended them further like other chains.

The current policy:

IHG Rewards Club credit cards anniversary night certificates (USA & UK):

We are extending the expiration date of anniversary certificates that are set to expire in 2020. Certificates expiring from March 1, 2020 can now be used through December 31, 2020.

Certificates issued in 2020 will have an 18-month redemption time period.

There might be something coming as the spokesperson, who I contacted about this noted:

We are evaluating a number of decisions for 2021, including the extension of free night awards, and plan to communicate these changes to members.


Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt have all extended expiring certificates once or twice by now.

It would not be wise trying to “force” members to use them by December 31, 2020, considering that there are lockdown orders in many markets/cities, and it is in everybody’s best interest to try to get the Covid-19 infection rates down.

Let’s hope that the IHG Rewards Club management comes to the same conclusion as to their competitors and extends them further by 6 to 12 months.