American Airlines Eliminates Change Fees On Itineraries Originating North & South America


American Airlines has recently eliminated several fees that were significant revenue generators during the best of times.

The airline is now eliminating change fees on international travel originating in North and South America. Remember that fare difference may still apply.

You can access American Airlines here.

Here’s the announcement from American:

Customers can also book tickets through reservations with no service charge

FORT WORTH, Texas — American Airlines is giving customers complete flexibility when they travel on American.

“We are committed to making travel easier for our customers who fly on American,” said American’s Chief Revenue Officer Vasu Raja. “By eliminating change fees, we’re giving customers more flexibility no matter when or where they plan to travel.”

No more change fees

Effective immediately, American will eliminate change fees for First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Main Cabin (except Basic Economy) tickets for all long-haul international flying when travel originates in North or South America. This new policy matches American’s previous announcement to get rid of change fees on most domestic and short-haul international flying.

As a reminder, American allows customers to keep the full value of eligible tickets if they change their travel plans prior to their scheduled travel. Although customers will have to pay the fare difference for a new flight, customers will not lose their ticket value if the new flight is less expensive.

Customer-friendly initiatives

Customers will no longer pay a service charge when booking a ticket through reservations. The service charge had been waived during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic but will be eliminated going forward.

American is dedicated to providing customers flexibility during this uncertain time. Recently, the airline removed reinstatement fees on award tickets and began offering customers free same-day standby on earlier flights. And AAdvantage® members who have achieved Elite status now receive the benefits, such as upgrades, Preferred and Main Cabin Extra seating and same day flight changes, that they have earned no matter what ticket they purchase.


I fully expect many of these fees that have been removed to make a comeback when we are back to the new normal. There is just so much easy revenue that AA is foregoing by removing these.

Just a reminder that waiving change fees doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay extra IF the fare for your new dates is more expensive than the one you were ticketed under.