Choice Privileges Members Only Madness Day 5: 25% Discount On $25 Gift Cards Through November 22, 2020

Choice on Monday started its Members Only Madness 2020 that runs through tomorrow (Saturday).

Choice Privileges members earn redeem $25 gift cards at 25% off (6,000 points) through November 22, 2020.

You can access this offer on Choice’s website here.

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Here’s the offer:

Get 25% Off $25 Gift Cards*

We just added $25 gift cards to our rewards options, and we want to celebrate with savings! Redeem points for $25 gift cards from top retailers, restaurants and delivery services, and you’ll enjoy 25% off.* Now through November 22, gift cards start at only 6,000 Choice Privileges® points!


You should not redeem your points towards merchandise gift cards with Choice unless you have absolutely no other use for points OR they are about to expire.