British Airways Customers Can Now Request CASH Refunds For Their Cancelled Flights Online


Last but not least British Airways has implemented an option to request a refund for your flight in case it has been cancelled by the airline.

Still missing is the option to cancel and refund flights simply because you want to even if ticket condition permit doing so.

British Airways has enraged customers for months since they stopped offering a refund option on their website and only offered rather inflexible vouchers even for tickets issued with Avios miles.

In order to obtain a cash refund customers had to call BA through one of their hotlines which at times didn’t yield any result other than waiting for hours on the line and the call eventually dropping.

Now British Airways has put up this website where customers can enter their details in a form and send it off for a refund to be process but only if their flight got cancelled by the airline.

You can claim a refund if we cancel your flight.

You will need the email or text message confirming the cancellation. Make sure you have this confirmation before continuing.

We can only process refunds through this form for bookings made directly with us. If you booked with a travel agent or other third party, please contact them for more information. You can only request a refund if you have not already requested a voucher. See Terms and Conditions for our full refund policy.

What if your flight hasn’t been cancelled?

You can still apply for a voucher equal to the value of your booking. Head to our application form to find out more and go further with a voucher today.

They ask the customer to fill in a form and then send it off for processing:

That last part is likely targeted to those who have not received a cancellation notice for their flight and BA wants to avoid senseless processing of tickets that aren’t eligible.

Unfortunately they still haven’t addressed the issue that many customers are eligible to refund their tickets simply based on their ticket conditions, either with or without a penalty.

This also includes members of British Airways Executive Club who hold Avios tickets. The option to cancel and refund these tickets is still disabled on their website as of this time.

The airline several months ago has manipulated the code on their website in a way that the “refund” button only routed people to a voucher request option even if the flights were cancelled by British Airways themselves. After that the airline denied those customers cash refunds, arguing that by requesting a voucher they had forfeited their right to a refund. Several customers have sued British Airways in the meanwhile and obtained their money back.


It’s about time that British Airways gets back into the game of doing honest business and to refund customers their money without putting up hurdles like them having to call the airline and waste hours of their time.

While I have had good success of reaching British Airways on the phone (as BA Gold member) the internet is full of people reporting horror stories when it comes to their reservation. The airline has kept the money of thousands of people who right now struggle to make ends meet every day. That’s no way of doing business!