Best Western Rewards Buy Points 50% Bonus (Expiry Unclear)

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Best Western Rewards, in its last email, was pushing a points sale with a 50% bonus (expiry unclear).

The email states that the bonus applies to online purchases, but it appears that you actually need to call in to buy and won’t know the price until someone picks up the phone.

You can access Best Western’s page for buying points here.

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The page states that the bonus is only available for online purchases but then notes you need to call?

Best Western Rewards doesn’t even disclose the price online, but only on the phone?

The email that Best Western sent out claims that you can make an online purchase?


Not sure what is going on with Best Western Rewards here? They claim that points purchases are available online but then states that you need to call in, and even the price is not disclosed.

It is difficult to see why anyone would pick a phone in 2020 to buy points?