Happy Thanksgiving & Safe Travels From The LoyaltyLobby Team!


It’s Thanksgiving Week again, normally one of the busiest travel periods in the United States that comes with both stressful situations but also good shopping opportunities in the travel sector.

Many hotels, airlines and their loyalty programs will have deals in the coming days so after having a nice turkey dinner in the circle of your family bubble maybe you should look out what they have in store this year.

Over the last couple of years airlines, hotels, rental cars and baggage stores had very good Thanksgiving (Black Friday) sales so we’ll keep monitoring if there are any hot deals this time around.

Until then, the LoyaltyLobby team wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving in the circle of your family & friends wherever you currently are in the world.

Those of you that will go on the road for either business or personal travel, good luck and a safe trip! Thanksgiving just as all other busy periods provide good opportunities for getting bump vouchers on oversold flights, a competitive upgrade environment and long security lines. Maybe a bit less so this year given what s going on but nevertheless a good time to appreciate your airline and hotel elite tiers a little more.

With CDC guidelines on holiday celebrations, this year might feel a little different both for those who have chosen to travel or at the real/virtual dinner table considering the strange times we live in at the moment . Lets all hope that we will be in a much better position next year and that some form of normality will return soon.

Now enjoy your turkey folks – gobble, gobble!