Has Hilton Honors Finally Stepped Up Their Game Of Posting Stays/Points Expediently?


Hilton Honors was one of these programs that often took days to post stays and associated points credit following a stay at one of their properties but it appears that they have finally gotten this under control.

I’ve collected a few data points and all of my recent stays posted correctly within 24 hours of checkout, some even faster than this.

Previously Hilton often had issues posting stays for Hilton Honors members where it first took a few days to show up at all and then it lingered around as “pending” until it ultimately posted as final credit.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Back in October of 2018 Hilton Honors changed the back-end platform that is used to power their loyalty program. The goal was to fasten the stay and point postings to member accounts and being able to launch promotions quicker but even back then there were some problems with the results.

Since they and to my surprise Hilton has really stepped up the game and stays post much faster than they used to. Especially in recent months.

Here is the most recent stay I had with them at the Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok where I checked out 19 hours before i checked and the stay was already in my account this morning:

While it certainly depends on many factors how fast a stay credit will post to a loyalty account (input of data by the hotel, functioning link to the loyalty system, frequent update of balances) it’s pretty clear over a longer period of time if a program has issues with they are posting credits or if things are running smoothly.

There really shouldn’t be any excuse why in 2020 it takes more than 24-36 hours to post a stay to a members account. However believe it or not there is still some manual work involved with many of these programs, mostly on the property front. You can literally imagine someone having to push a little button and unless this is done members won’t get their points.


Hilton appears to have done a good job in finally implementing a system that allows stays to post faster to members Hilton Honors accounts provided there isn’t anything holding it up on the property end.

Sometimes members wait for a stay to post and they want to use the points urgently for a new reservation in the next couple of days. Other times it’s about a status change and obtaining a higher level to apply on the next stay.

Companies should really be able to run their loyalty systems in a way that the accounts reflect near real time information. Remember Continental Airlines was famous for posting miles to members accounts as soon as the flight landed. That was 15+ years ago!