Buenos Aires To Reopen For International Tourists On December 15, 2020

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area reopened for international tourism arrivals from neighboring countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay with a negative Covid-19 test back in early November (read more here).

The city is next reopening for national tourists on December 8 and international ones on December 15, 2020. Both will be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival and must isolate only if the test comes back as positive.

You can access the Buenos Aires city government announcement here.

Here’s what international arrivals need to know (Google translate from Spanish):

Routes of entry and exit

1) International tourists:

Currently, arrivals from Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay are enabled exclusively by air. Tourists from Uruguay can enter by air and river.

Visitors must:

  • File an affidavit online.
  • Take a test at origin 72 hours in advance
  • Take a test at origin 72 hours in advance (requirement of the National Government).
  • Have health insurance with Covid-19 coverage.
  • Carry out a test upon arrival in Ezeiza or at the river station. After the test, international tourists will be able to continue their trip and should not wait for the result at the airport. Visitors should only isolate themselves in case of positive or close contact.
  • The test will have a value of $ 2,500 for the international tourist. In the case of Argentines who return to the country and are destined for the City, the test will be covered by the coverage they have.

After 12 hours, the visitor will be informed of the test result.


This comes two weeks too late for me, as I originally had a Lufthansa ticket that would have me arriving in Buenos Aires on December 1, 2020 (read more here). I thought it would be a fifty-fifty chance that the country would be reopened by then, but alas not.

Uruguay is pretty much the only country in South America that is still closed for international arrivals and doesn’t plan to reopen before the southern hemisphere summer season is over.

Perhaps it is time to visit Buenos Aires in January?