Lufthansa Tests “Sleeper’s Row” Concept On Frankfurt – Sao Paulo Flights


In search of revenue, airlines are trying to develop innovative concepts to get the flying public to open up their wallets and pay more.

Lufthansa is testing a Sleeper’s Row concept on select Frankfurt – Sao Paulo – Frankfurt flights. Passengers can buy rows of 3 to 4 seats at a set price, and flight attendants provide a business class kit that includes pillows, a blanket, and a topper.

You can access Lufthansa’s page for Sleeper’s Row concept here.

The price of a Sleeper’s Row is 220 EUR or 260 USD. You can only purchase it at the check-in or gate.

Here’s what Lufthansa tells us about the product:

How about making your Economy Class trip more comfortable and at a fair price?

Seeking to offer innovative solutions to increase your comfort, Lufthansa will make available on the Frankfurt-São Paulo route (LH 506/507 flights) its newest product, the “Sleeper’s Row”, during a trial period.

Passengers flying in Economy Class have now the option to book an adjacent row of seats – from 3 to 4 seats – to lie down comfortably and have a good night of sleep while flying. On top of the additional comfort and personal space, passengers who book the offer will also be entitled to priority boarding and will receive from our crew a topper, a blanket and a pillow in Business Class quality.

Do you have an Economy Class flight between on the route Frankfurt – São Paulo – Frankfurt between November 18th and mid-December? So take the opportunity to try this product first hand and travel with a lot more space at a special price!

What is included in the offer?

  • 3 or 4 adjacent seats in a row.
  • Lufthansa Business Class kit containing pillows, blanket and topper.
  • Priority boarding with Business Class passengers.

Values ​​and how to acquire

  • Sleeper’s Row – row with 03 or 04 seats: EUR 220 / USD 260

Sleeper’s Row must be purchased at the airport*, during check-in or at the boarding gate; you just contact a member of our ground staff and pay with your credit card.


Definitely, an interesting concept trying to extract some more cash from the passengers when the flights are on the lighter side.

Would you pay 220 euros for this?

If the flight is this empty, you could probably choose a row of empty seats during the flight and lay down without the bedding while keeping the extra cash in your wallet.

Considering how cheap business class seats are at the moment, you could probably fly in premium with the price of the economy return plus two Sleeper’s Rows.

I am one of these Sau Paulo – Frankfurt flights in mid-December, but comfortably in first.

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