FlyingBlue To Extend All Miles Of Explorer (Basic) Members Until December 31, 2021

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The FlyingBlue program has sent out an email to their members informing them that they will prevent all Miles of their basic Explorer members from expiring until 31 December 2021.

Those miles which are normally subject to an expiration policy will now be protected until late 2021 as part of Flying Blue’s Covid-19 policies.

Flying Blue, the loyalty program of AirFrance KLM and other participating members has already initiated a range of customer friendly Covid related policies but this most recent email was sent out last night and informs their basic level members with Explorer status that their miles are protected until the end of next year.

You can access their related website here where their policies are explained.

Over the last few months, travel has taken a new turn. Things look a little different now and we understand that you have less opportunities to fly, and may still be experiencing travel restrictions. We’re ready to adapt and introduce new measures whenever necessary. We’re committed to helping eligible members maintain all their advantages by providing a wide range of support.

As an extension of our previous measures, we will now prevent all Miles of our Explorer members from expiring until 31 December 2021.

How are my Miles affected by Flying Blue’s latest COVID-19 measures?

In April 2020, we announced and implemented immediate measures to prevent Miles from expiring until the end of 2020. To this day, the situation remains uncertain.

Therefore, we have decided to extend those measures by another 12 months. If you are an Explorer member, all your Miles will remain valid until the end of December 2021.

Will the validity of my Miles be extended until the end of 2021?

If you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum member your Miles are valid for life. Are you an Explorer member with Miles expiring between December 2020 and November 2021? Then we will extend the validity of your Miles to December 2021. Miles with a validity date of January 2022 and beyond are not impacted by this measure.

We’ve renewed the levels of all our Elite members with a qualification period between March 2020 until February 2021 for an extra 12 months. So, you keep all your advantages until new adventures open on the horizon.

It’s a sensible decision that Flying Blue has taken here. Members will have very little opportunity to se their miles either this year (which is almost at it’s end) or even in the first half of next year. Therefore extending these balances of base level members is a very customer centric approach that just makes sense in this situation.

Those frequent flyer and other loyalty programs where mileage balances are subject to expiry will likely follow this example if they haven’t already.


Good on Flying Blue for doing the right thing here. Travel activity and with that mileage/points redemption will be slumping for another 6-12 months and unless these programs are extending their members status and balances at least incrementally a lot of them will just drop down to nothing.

We’ve seen comprehensive policies by pretty much every travel provider in this direction. I start to believe that even in 2021 these companies will have to do something for their members to keep them afloat and tied to the company. If not then a good majority will start 2022 with a clean slate and no reason to be loyal to a particular brand.