IHG Rewards Club Delays Free Night Certificate & Bonus Points Postings?

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IHG Rewards Club has traditionally posted bonus points and free night certificates earned from promotional offers with stays.

Many readers and I have noticed from earlier this month that these bonus points have stopped posting altogether. What is the reason behind this?

You can access the IHG Rewards Club here.

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Double Bonus Points from the Global Promotion

Stay in October posted with the 100% bonus from the Unlimited Double Points 2020-offer.

Stay in November did not, and the bonus is still MIA.

Free Night Certificate

The free night promotion appears as expired on my account.

When I dropped an email to the Ambassador Service center, I get the following prompt reply:

Your free night (Reward Night) redeemable for up to 40,000 points will be deposited on your account within 2-4 weeks from the posting date of your last stay. The count shall begin on November 20, 2020, so please expect your free night on your account between December 7 to December 18.

If the said free night is not posted within the said timeframe, please let us know.

What Would IHG Benefit By Delaying Points & Certificate Postings?

1. Breakarage

You have less time to use free night certificates earned from promotions because they expire by a certain date. This also guarantees that you cannot use the bonus points earned during your trip (unless the trip is months long).

2. Delayed Liability

Issued points and free night certificates are a liability on IHG’s balance sheet. By issuing these perhaps a month late, they can lower the current liability by millions.

3. Not Posting Points

It is practically impossible to audit your account for earned bonuses if you have plenty of stays. These bonuses are posted to your account without any information on what stays they apply to.

If bonuses don’t post correctly or at all, people likely forget.

Also, IHG has the following disclaimer on their promotions:

Members must make any promotional inquiries by 60 days from the end of the Promotional Period.

You have to wait 30 days to inquiry while they won’t entertain them after 60 days have passed since the promotion ended?


Call me cynical, but IHG does this on purpose to try to lower the liability of points and certificated on its books.

Does it increase member satisfaction? Unlikely.

Does it increase the workload of customer service agents? Certainly.

How many millions of inquiries will they receive about missing points and certificates due to this negative move? The Philippines thanks for robust CSR employment.

Nothing prevents IHG to post these bonus points and certificates with the stays that they apply to like they have done since I have been a member.