Marriott E-Gift Card Purchase Issues This Time?


Marriott Bonvoy yesterday launched its most recent promotion to buy gift cards with a discount. Previous sales were plagued with issues from delayed fulfillment to purchases not going through.

My personal purchase yesterday went through smoothly (for the very first time – see below), and we would like to hear from readers who purchased some if orders are delivered or if they are facing any other issues.

You can access Marriott’s page for buying gift cards here.

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Made a purchase early in the morning:

Was delivered 10 hours and 7 minutes later:

Issues earlier in the year:

Marriott eGiftCards Purchase Problems?

Still Waiting For Marriott eGiftCards?

My Marriott eGiftCards Finally Arrived

More Trouble With Marriott Gift Cards: Order Cancelled Without Reasons Given (Likely IP Address Related)

Prepare to spend extra time with the front desk:

Whine Wednesdays: Marriott Gift Cards


I was surprised that the order that took something like two weeks to process this spring went through in ten hours.

Considering what difficulties Sebastian had earlier, I made sure that I was tethering on the Google Fi (US IP address) when making the purchase yesterday when I was in Medellin. I also used a US-issued credit card.

I truly hope that using these at Marriott affiliated hotels would be smoother than in August and September in Europe when I used the previous batch. I wasted hours my and hotel employees’ time.