Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble Put On Indefinite Hold

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In early November, Singapore and Hong Kong announced that they had formed an Air Travel Bubble (ATB) that would allow tourists to travel between these two Asian centers freely from November 22 by taking four Covid-19 tests.

Part of the ATB agreement was that there could be only a tiny number of untraceable Covid-19 infections that Hong Kong almost immediately broke. The ATB start date was first postponed and is now put on indefinite hold.

Here’s an announcement from CAAS:

Inaugural Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble Flights To Be Further Deferred

Singapore and Hong Kong have further reviewed the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong, and given that local unlinked cases are still high, both parties have decided to defer the commencement of the Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble (ATB) to beyond December 2020. The exact start date of the ATB arrangement will be reviewed in late December.

The Singapore – Hong Kong ATB was announced on 11 November 2020. Under the ATB, travellers between Singapore and Hong Kong will be subject to COVID-19 tests, in lieu of quarantine or Stay-Home Notice. There will be no restrictions on the purpose of travel and no requirement for a controlled itinerary or sponsorship.

Passengers are advised to contact their airlines regarding their travel plans. The Singapore and Hong Kong authorities have been in close discussion and will update when there are further developments.

Covid-19 Situation in Singapore & Hong Kong

Hong Kong is having a third small spike, although the number is still very reasonable. Singapore had one peak early and very few cases ever since.


I find it amusing that it was dance clubs (no beds involved) for older ladies with younger male counterparts that burst the ATB bubble.

When this ATB was announced, I noted that the number of unlinked Covid-19 cases over a rolling seven day period was set to very low and likely to burst at some point.