UPDATE: Westin Grand Vancouver Being Reflagged As Hilton Vancouver Downtown (Early Q1 2021)

Many hotels with mortgages are underwater, and some are taken over by lenders and closed down. Then some operators are not happy with their current brands and reflag hotels.

We reported last month that the Westin Grand Vancouver, Canada, will soon exit the Marriott system to become Hilton Vancouver Downtown. We have now received confirmation from the Hilton spokesperson.

You can access Westin Grand Vancouver here and Hilton Vancouver Downtown here.

The exact conversion date is still unclear, but Hilton expects it to occur early in Q1 2021.

I find it surprising that Marriott still doesn’t display any information when this hotel exits its portfolio.

It is also bookable through the end of the schedule.

Hilton only states that they will accept reservations soon.


We won’t cover every single hotel closure, deflagging, or reflagging that will take place over the next 12 months or so because there will be too many.

I just wanted to warn our readers who are part of the Marriott Bonvoy program and plan to stay in Vancouver that this Westin Grand will soon part of Hilton Honors, and no Marriott benefits apply after the switchover date.

Hotel re-flaggings are often problematic for hotel loyalty program members unless they are members of both programs (exiting and acquiring). Awards are sometimes not honored while hotels try playing games, not allowing confirmed reservations canceled after the brand change.