Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Room Temperatures That You Cannot Control – Case: Hilton Bogota Conferias


Some like it hot while others prefer a bit cooler in-room temperature. With preferences at extremes or anywhere in-between, shouldn’t guests be able to control the temperature of their room within a reasonable range?

A few Sundays ago, I decided to check out a Hilton hotel in Bogota closer to the airport where I had not stayed previously and I believe is a very new property.

You can access the Hilton Bogota Conferias site here.

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I noticed that the in-room temperature was set to 25 Celsius while the weather outside was fine – roughly 20. I changed the temperature to 20 and waited.  This is one of the newer hotels that won’t allow you to open windows to get fresh or cooler air. You need to rely on centralized AC system.

The temperature was not 25 Celsius inside (perhaps around 23), but it was still a bit too hot for me. I checked the airflow, and it wasn’t exactly blowing cool air, and about 15 minutes later the unit had reset itself to 25 despite me changing it to 20.

I called the front desk, who then told me that they need to change the temperature and soon the room was comfortable.  This calls into question the purpose of having an in-room control at all, perhaps it is just for looks.

The next morning I woke up early to a stuffy room.  Guess what?  The control had reset the temperature back to 25 again!


Hotels that don’t give guests control of their room temperature are doing a disservice to themselves in the long run.  Do you think that I will book this hotel ever again despite having found it otherwise a good value for the money?

I have found that I sleep most comfortably when the room temperature is 19 to 20 Celsius. If you cannot sleep well, it just makes getting through the day difficult.