Be Prepared To Show Covid-19 Vaccination Proof In Order To Travel


Qantas CEO made headlines last week when he said that the airline would require Covid-19 vaccination proof once they start to ramp up international flights in the second half of 2021.

The IATA CEO disagreed with Alan Joyce’s view, but international vaccination certificates are already required in many countries, depending on where you are flying from.

The first Covid-19 vaccines are being approved both in North America and Europe. The healthcare sector employees and other risk groups will get it first, and the rest of us probably by the summer of 2021. It will take several years before the world’s population is vaccinated, however.

Not sure why vaccination proof is considered controversial by some?

I have needed to prove that I was vaccinated against Yellow Fever several times, most recently the other week when I flew from Sao Paulo to Bogota

I have also been denied boarding once because I didn’t have the Yellow Fever certificate when I was on my way to Johannesburg from Sao Paulo.


This will be one more thing to keep in mind in the post-Covid-19 world (hopefully by the end of 2021) to have proof of vaccination with you when you travel.

I first came across the Yellow Fever vaccination requirement when flying into Côte d’Ivoire. I wasn’t vaccinated, but by the time I left the airport and after handing $20, I was.

Not sure where I misplaced the certificate, but I had a second shot in Thailand and still carry the yellow booklet that has come in handy a few times.

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