What Should Marriott Bonvoy Do With Status Qualification In 2021?


Hilton Honors and World of Hyatt have already announced their elite qualification requirements for 2021, essentially slashing them in half.

Marriott Bonvoy gave extra night credits in 2020, but what could they do in 2021 to keep elite members engaged when the world is still mostly battling with Covid-19, and there are lockdowns and travel restrictions in place?

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Marriott Bonvoy Extra Elite Night-credits in 2020:

Marriott Bonvoy Extra Elite Night Credit + Ambassador Platinum Gift For 2020

Elite members got half the number of nights credited to their accounts in 2020 based on their earned status in 2019.

This method helps existing members reach a higher status level but does nothing for new members or those who would begin traveling in 2021.

Hilton Honors qualification in 2021

Hilton Honors Program Changes For 2021

Hilton already came up with 2021 qualification requirements back in October. Honors members can qualify in half the number of stays, nights, or spend. All the nights consumed in 2020 are also rolled over to 2021.

World of Hyatt

World Of Hyatt Slashes Elite Qualifying Requirements By 50% In 2021

Hyatt announced their tier requirements last week, and they were cut in half. However, members won’t earn milestone rewards such as confirmed suite upgrades unless they reach the required nights.

Hyatt is also doubling the nights through the end of February 2021.

What could Marriott Bonvoy do?

I don’t think that they have any other choice than to follow what Hilton Honors and World of Hyatt have both already announced.

The Extra Elite Night-credits only help existing members but won’t bring in any additional business from new program participants.

The most equitable method would be to slash the status requirements by 50%.


Marriott certainly doesn’t want to lose any of its elite members to Hilton and Hyatt with their reduced qualification requirements in 2021.

Let’s see when Marriott comes up with their Bonvoy elite tier announcement for 2021. It cannot be that far away unless they don’t care about losing business to competitors.

And what should they do? Just copy what Hilton and Hyatt have done already.