Turkish Airlines Extends Validity of Miles by 6 Months (Finally!)


Last week I posted a rant about Turkish Airlines not extending the validity of expiring award miles given we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and long-haul travel is non-existant and non-plannable.

Well, it looks like either someone at TK corporate follows us, or our collective prayers have been answered (or both!).

Turkish Airlines caved in and it’s offically extending the validity of award miles expiring on 2020 by 6 months, unitl June 30th, 2020. Today they’ve sent an email advising of this extension.

No mention in the email why did it take them this long to extend these miles validity, though.


I still can’t understand why did it take them this long to come up with what everybody else in the market has been doing since the early days of this pandemic: extending expiration dates of miles/points. We didn’t get any official comment from their press department about this subject (although we asked for it), so we don’t know what Turkish Airline’s position was at the time of posting our rant. We can only hope we helped pointing this situation out!