Compensation Clinic: Hilton Paris Charles De Gaulle Cancellation

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a message on Twitter regarding a reservation cancellation issue at the Hilton Paris Charles De Gaulle-hotel.

Remember that you can always email us, send a message via Facebook, or use Twitter and include photos. We’ll try to cover a Compensation Clinic case most Sundays (at least when this pandemic is over).

You can access Hilton Paris Charles De Gaulle here.

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Here’s the message from the reader:

Booked in 14/6 out 15/6. Tried to call hotel in April to cancel. No answer. Tried hilton res. Told to fill out online cancellation form. Form filled out. About 2 weeks later booking showed as cancelled in profile. Followed up refund 6 weeks later by ph. Was told being processed. Still waiting. Attached shows late cancel as does DXB booking. DXB xxld via emsil with hotel. Refunded in 7 days.

I contacted the Hilton spokesperson, and the reader us another message:

Got a generic email from HH saying they were following up. Thanks for your help


Recieved email from hotel. Voucher issued in place of refund. Valid for 18 months from original travel date. Australian borders will be lucky to open by 14 dec 2021. I will reach out to them next year and see if i can extend the date.

I replied that the reader should be eligible for Be My Guest-certificate instead that is likely easier to use than hotel credit in Paris considering that they live in Australia.

I was contacted by REMOVED an Executive Ambassador with Hilton. He has offered a cheque refund issued in USD. a cheque will cost me aprox aud25 to cash so have asked if i can have a BMG voucher.


REMOVED offered check, BMG voucher or 30k points. I opted for the points as they not expire and saves any paperwork. Thanks for your help. Dont think I would have a resolution without it.


I am glad that the reader could find a resolution that was acceptable for them under the current circumstances.

The Hilton group, as a whole, has managed Covid-19 related reservation cancellations well compared to their peer group. It doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t occasionally need a nudge to come to the right conclusion.

The hotel credit can work for some, but not for someone from Australia that likely cannot enter (exit Australia) France before the fall of 2021 at the earliest.

I like this airport hotel where I have stayed at least twice, and scheduled to return for two nights in ten days.