Japan Considers Allowing Limited Package Tours From Spring 2021


According to the local media, Japan, which is scheduled to host the Summer Olympics of 2020 next year, unless canceled, is mulling an idea of allowing limited package tours from China in the spring.

The plan is to allow a small number of organized tours that would not use public transportation at all. They would file a detailed plan of the trip to Japan, and participants would need to provide a negative for Covid-19  results before entering.

Here’s an excerpt from the Japan Times:

New cases have spiked to record highs in Tokyo and Osaka. The number of serious cases nationwide has also risen to a record.

Under the new plan, tourists would have to test negative for the coronavirus and submit a detailed travel itinerary before entering, the Asahi said. They would travel only by hired vehicles and would be separated from other customers at their hotels and sightseeing destinations, it said.

Tourists would also be required to use a tracing app and give daily updates on their health, the report said.


When countries begin to restart their incoming tourism sector in 2021, it would be time to rethink what level of business and type of tourists they want to attract and what is really sustainable in the long run.

I am not convinced that Chinese on package tours that are bused from one Chinese owned business to another settling the purchases in closed AliPay and WePay systems, necessarily are the type tourists to go after.

It is easy, however, to hit the planned tourism numbers using this group.

And you have to keep in mind that although Japan may open their tourism sector, it doesn’t mean that passengers from these select countries wouldn’t need to quarantine when returning home.

The Japan Covid-19 numbers are rising, although they are very low overall compared to those of Europe and the Americas.

I would assume that this is a test run of how the country tries to handle the Olympic Games spectators if the games go forward next year.