Virgin Velocity Gold Status Match For Elite Members Of Qantas Frequent Flyer Until December 21, 2020

Virgin Australia Velocity has opened a status match campaign for their direct competition, elite members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

Velocity offers to match Qantas Elites to their Gold level for three months, followed by a challenge to retain the status for another year.

This particular campaign follows what you could call the “restart” of Virgin Australia after the takeover by Bain Capital and the domestic re-opening of Australia after a year of severe lockdowns due to the Covid-19 situation.

You can access Velocity landing page here for further details.

I received the following email from Velocity offering this promotion to me:

Hi Sebastian,

Virgin Australia invites Qantas Gold and above members to fast track to Velocity elite membership with Discover Gold.*

We will offer you a 3 month trial of Velocity Gold Status, giving you the opportunity to experience Gold Status with a fun and vibrant airline.

To gain full Velocity Gold Status for 12 months after your Discover Gold trial and enjoy all the benefits of Gold*, you’ll only need to earn 80 Status Credits and fly one eligible sector before your 3 month trial ends.

And because we know you’ll love to share good things, if you’re eligible to maintain Gold Status, you’ll be able to give the gift of Gold Status to a friend or relative too.

If you’re an eligible Qantas Gold and above member, express your interest [personalized link removed] by 21 December 2020 by visiting our website and requesting a trial start date (which can be up until 28 December 2020).

By following the link I posted above you will get to the Velocity website where you have to log in and then send a request together with proof of your Qantas status.

Here are the detailed instructions:

Requests have to be made until December 21, 2020 in order to be registered and then the status match and trial will be activated.

To extend the Gold status for another 12 months the member is required to earn 80 Status Credits and fly at least one eligible sector during the Discover Gold Status trial.


Virgin Australia has run these status match campaigns in the past although right now they only target their direct competitor Qantas, trying to gain foothold in the domestic market again. I remember like 9 years ago they ran a big promotion at the Westfield Mall in Sydney offering a match up to Platinum for members of international competitors as well. I ended up matching my United 1K there.

Status match or not I’m not sure how much goodwill the company still has among consumers in Australia following the way they slid into voluntary administration, froze members frequent flyer accounts and then became very “selective” with refunds for cancelled flights.