Air France – KLM Flying Blue Status Extensions

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Air France – KLM Flying Blue in April announced a status extension for members whose tier was going to expire by February 2021 (read more here), and in August very hard to understand Surplus XPs (read more here).

My Flying Blue qualifying year apparently ended on November 30, and I just received an email from Air France – KLM that the Gold status had been extended by 12 months through March 2022.

You can access Flying Blue’s response to the Covid-19 here.

Flying Blue appears to be sending out physical cards that many other airlines have discontinued.

All the expired XPs must have come from the status support/Surplus XPs as I don’t think that I credited any SkyTeam flight into the Flying Blue during my qualification period. 


I had not paid any attention to my Flying Blue status expiry this year and was surprised to receive this email.

It also reminded me of how long the gap Flying Blue has with the qualification period ending and the status running out (four months).