Several Marriott Quarantine (ASQ) Hotels In Bangkok Are Now Bookable Online, Significant Price Drop!


As I discovered last night Marriott now offers properties in Bangkok, Thailand that serve as Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) Hotels to be booked directly on their website.

There has also been a significant drop in price from the first listings available for those hotels which makes it more affordable now to stay at a branded hotel for two weeks and earn status nights/points in the process.

While the process of having to stay in a quarantine facility – even at a very nice hotel – isn’t great and rather dull for a two week period, being able to do so at a property where you can expect a brand standard for both accommodation and food makes it more bearable.

Earning status credits and points throughout the whole ordeal also gives a little sweetener to the whole situation.

While searching through the current offers for Marriott hotels in Thailand I noticed some properties had listed a notice saying for quarantine bookings one should select a 15 night period to be displayed relevant rates.

I was surprised to see that prices had in fact dropped by a lot:

64,800 THB are US$ 2,150 for the standard room at the Le Meridien, US$3,600 for the Avantec Suite during a 15 day stay with all meals and medical services included. That’s not too unreasonable in my view plus the Le Meridien offers another 10% off for those who hold a long term visa for Thailand.

Another alternative would be the Marriott Courtyard or the Aloft in Soi 11:

While there is no way you would get me into a tiny room at the aloft for two weeks, their suites are actually a very good deal. Especially the ones that have a balcony / patio with jacuzzi (prices for those are steep though).


Good that these quarantine hotels are now bookable online. Some of their rates have come down by as much as 20% since they were first introduced, likely as they figured out that the original pricing was a bit over the top and there wouldn’t be such a run on ASQ facilities as originally expected. It’s still a lot of money and I don’t expect too many people are taking this offer up except in case they repatriate to Thailand for a long time or the company is picking up the tab.

I would definitely look for a hotel that has sufficient space available to actually live there for half a month and in my opinion a regular room won’t cut it. Especially without a balcony or patio. A few people have asked me about these hotels and I always recommended to watch a few youtube videos and ask the property questions in advance. Being able to sit on a balcony might make a big difference for some, especially smokers (often times stating that you are a smoker is the only way to get a balcony room).