Reader Question: What Is The Difference Between Hilton Honors Qualification Based On Stays Or Nights?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a message regarding qualifying for Hilton Honors status by stays or nights and the difference between them.

Hilton Honors Diamond

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Here’s the question from the reader:

Hoping you can help. Can you please explain the difference between a “Stay” and a “Night” to qualify for Hilton Honor elite status.

You can qualify for Hilton Honors status in three ways (excluding affiliated credit cards and status gifting):

1. Nights

  • Silver – 10 nights during a calendar year
  • Gold – 40 nights during a calendar year
  • Diamond – 60 nights during a calendar year

2. Stays

  • Silver – 4 stays during a calendar year
  • Gold – 20 stays during a calendar year
  • Diamond – 30 stays during a calendar year.

3. Base Points

  • Silver – 25,000 base points ($2,500 in spend) during a calendar year
  • Gold –  75,000 base points ($7,500 in spend) during a calendar year
  • Diamond  -120,000 base points ($12,000 in spend) during a calendar year


A stay can be several contiguous nights at the same hotel under or one more separate reservations (back to back).

Even if you have separate reservations, as long as they are for the same hotel, the entire time spent at the hotel qualifies as one STAY.

You can hop between Hilton affiliated hotels and earn 7 stays and nights witnin a week by just staying at two:

  1. Monday – Hotel A
  2. Tuesday – Hotel B
  3. Wednesday – Hotel A
  4. Thursday – Hotel B
  5. Friday – Hotel A
  6. Saturday – Hotel B
  7. Sunday – Hotel A


This is easy. You count all the nights that you have consumed at Hilton affiliated hotels over 12 months.

Things to keep in mind:

Only reservations that are booked directly with Hilton or through traditional travel agents qualify.

There are negotiated corporate rates booked using specified channels, such as Expedia owned Egencia, that are qualifying too.

Stays that are booked using OTAs such as Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, Rocketmiles, or airline hotel booking portals are not qualifying. You won’t earn points, stay, or night credits. Hotels don’t have to, and usually won’t, extend any possible elite benefits.


The Hilton Honors Diamond-qualification is quite straight forward. Most will either qualify based on stays or nights.

Just make sure that you don’t assume earning anything or receiving elite benefits if the stay is non-qualifying due to not having booked directly.