Hyatt’s Global Day of Gratitude: 500 Points For Meditation Have Already Posted


Last week World of Hyatt ran a campaign for their Global Day of Gratitude offering 500 free points for completing a meditation exercise on the app.

To my amazement these points have already posted to members accounts today, just a few hours ago.

The promotion was in cooperation with Hyatt’s partner Headspace which provides health and well being content for Hyatt customers.

Interested Hyatt members had to log into the app and complete a meditation exercise by listening to the module for the roughly 5 minute duration.

You can find more details on Hyatt’s promotional website here.

As mentioned the points already posted to the accounts:

I had suggested to make a screenshot in order to proof later on that you did what was required should there be issues with the points posting which according to the t&c takes up to four weeks. Apparently my worried were unfounded (at least in my case and those where I was able to look at accounts).


This was a nice little promotion and easy enough to fulfill the requirements starting 24 hours from now. Maybe set an alarm on your phone to quickly run this exercise.

Definitely very useful for people who urgently need a transaction on their Hyatt account in order to keep their points active, similar to the way the (rather mediocre) American Airlines promotion affected the accounts.

These are the Terms & Conditions for this promotion: