CLEAR Offers Six Months Complimentary Trial Membership As Holiday Promotion (Ends December 31, 2020)

CLEAR is currently offering a six month complimentary trial for their airport security membership for new members who register until December 31, 2020.

I have previously covered CLEAR on several occasions including the former partnership with Delta and the new cooperation with United Mileage Plus whose members now enjoy preferential pricing.

CLEAR technology is checking the drivers license or state ID of the customer and storing it as ID in order to pass through airport security and several event/sports gentry without having to produce the original ID card every time.

This is being done by scanning biometrics of the registered member and then verifying them each time at the Kiosk. The process overall is pretty quick.

You can access CLEAR here and in order to sign up you have to enter promotion code HOLIDAY6M.

Important notice: This works with U.S. issued documents only. You can’t provide foreign ID documents or a drivers license for CLEAR.

I have previously signed up my account for another type of free trial with Hertz (that partnership has since ended but the process is still the same at the airport kiosk):

Two weeks ago I also completed the extension of my membership using the $100 credit of my Amex Green Card in combination with the discount for United Airlines Mileage Plus elite members.

The United preferential price was $109 so minus the $100 from Amex I paid $9 plus another 6 months from their Thanksgiving Day special.

You can sign up for the complimentary membership now, not renew and then later tie your United account to the CLEAR profile to get the discounted rate.


The 6 months free to try CLEAR is certainly a nice little perk especially if you first want to try the service without being out of pocket for a membership fee first. It also goes for the entire family if you want to sign up everybody.

CLEAR has been stepping up their promotions and partnerships in recent years and I’ve been overall very happy with the service provided by them at the airports where they had kiosks and staff available.