Reader Question: Can You Use Both IHG Rewards Club Free Night Awards? (Original & Extended)


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding the extended free night awards that IHG Rewards Club deposited to member accounts last week but didn’t withdraw the old ones (can you use both?).

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Here’s the question from the reader:

You know how IHG has “extended” free night certificate by giving everyone a new one that expires in Aug 2021…. Does this mean we can still use the one that’s going to expire this month, or would we then lose the new one?  You have any insider insight?  😉

This is a good question that many must have been contemplating over the past few days. Did IHG really mean to give them an additional free night assuming that the member wouldn’t use the ones that expire at the end of December?

Possible scenarios:

1. You use both awards, and nothing happens


2. You use both, but IHG will later withdraw points from your account to cover one of the award nights

Which of these two options is more plausible?

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I am sure that many are tempted to use both, but there is a possible downside. IHG may come back later and deduct points from your account, and if there are none, suspend it.

Not sure why IHG could not just cancel the old certificates and replace them with the new ones? This would have been the cleanest solution of all.