MGM Mlife Rewards Points and Express Comps Extended Through March 31, 2021


MGM MLife has sent out an email to their players club customers that they will extend all points and Express Comps earned through March 31, 2021.

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Previously (in April) MGM has already informed members that they will extend all elite tiers on a complimentary basis through January 31, 2022.

Additionally MLife also overhauls their qualification period system and from 2021 onward evaluates members on a calendar year basis. Currently the membership years for MGM run from October 1st until September 30th of each year, a system that honestly never made much sense to me.

Here is the email sent out to members concerning earned points and express comps through gaming and hotel activity:

Dear Sebastian,

As this difficult year comes to an end (finally), I find myself reflective of all we have been through. We all have been challenged both personally and professionally in innumerable ways. While travel and entertainment understandably may not have been top-of-mind for you, we have tried to stay connected, answer your questions and bring a piece of MGM Resorts into your home, when you couldn’t visit ours. We are grateful for our relationship with you, and for your support and loyalty even during trying times. And we are optimistic that great strides are being made toward allowing all of us to return to a sense of normalcy soon.

Even as we return to a new normal, our commitment to the health and safety of our guests and employees will remain our top priority. Our Seven-Point Safety Plan will continue to be at the forefront of our operations, allowing our guests to enjoy the MGM Resorts experiences they love, safely.

Throughout this year, among the questions we’ve heard most often were inquiries about expiration dates for M life Rewards Points and Express Comps™. I’m pleased to share that we have once again extended our expiration date until March 31, 2021 and will continue to evaluate over the coming months.

We recognize that current events make it difficult, if not impossible, for so many to travel and we don’t want you to have on-going concerns around your ability to enjoy rewards you have earned over time. We so look forward to the day you’ll be back to enjoy all the entertainment and fun MGM Resorts has waiting for you.

As I mentioned above, I am optimistic for the New Year. I am grateful to the first responders who worked tirelessly this year to take care of our loved ones, and I am in awe of the scientists and researchers who have brought us multiple vaccine options in record time. I believe in 2021 we will be able to travel more freely, domestically and internationally; that we’ll be back to hosting live entertainment; holding in-person meetings and conventions; and to seeing you face to face. …

I think this will at least provide a temporary relief for MLife members who have earned tier points and especially express comps since this pandemic began and even earlier.

While tier points are status related, express comps are worth cold hard cash that can be used for goods and services at MGM properties including their associated outlets within the resort. Depending how much gambling one is doing express comps can reach from a few dollars to redeem a sandwich to a tens of thousands of dollars for a substantial redemption using these comps.

A real improvement would be when MGM starts to introduce a tiered discount of resort fees for MLife customers. It’s truly ridiculous that even as a Noir member I’m being charged a resort fee, something that Caesars Entertainment already waives for all Diamond members and above.


It’s very possible that MGM will extend levels and points/comps again at a later point because I feel that Vegas could be hit with a real slump in customer numbers during the first half of 2021 and beyond. Las Vegas depends very much on how the country is doing economically and at the moment the overall situation isn’t looking good.

Should Las Vegas become really desperate for business we’ll likely see good offers again for both hotels and gaming. In recent years I found that MGM has become a bit lackluster as far as promotions and rates are concerned.