British Airways Sends Passenger Flight To Stockholm Despite Ban


British Airways flight planners must have been on sleep or confused about various bans when they decided to send off a flight from London Heathrow to Stockholm on Saturday (December 26) despite Sweden’s temporary ban of passenger flights from the UK.

The airline could have operated the flight empty to Stockholm to pick up passengers, but it was not supposed to transport any. The airline has now canceled the rest of the flights to Arlanda.

British Airways flight BA776 (December 26) took off right after 7 AM local time and arrive in Arlanda at 10.36 carrying 29 passengers who were Swedish citizens and allowed to enter the country. The flight also had four Finnish passengers continuing their trip to Helsinki who were allowed to proceed.

British Airways has canceled LHR-ARN flights for Sunday, but not those for later this week.

The later flights have been zeroed out, however. BA likely won’t cancel them more than a day out, hoping that passengers ticketed on these flights opt for vouchers rather than cash refunds they are eligible for if the airline nixes their ticket.

Here’s an excerpt from the SVT (Google translate):

Planes from the UK land on Landvetter – despite the ban

On the second day, the border police were taken to bed when a passenger plane from British Airways landed at Arlanda. Today it happened again – this time at Landvetter.

Due to the new mutation of the coronavirus, it has been forbidden to transport passengers from the UK to Sweden since 21 December. Still, 33 people who boarded the plane landed in London at Arlanda on Saturday morning.

The plane with arrival time 10.45 to Landvetter on Sunday had no passengers on board according to Swedavia.

SVT Nyheter Väst was at Landvetter to follow up on this and quite rightly no travelers came to the arrival hall. But according to Swedavia, several passengers will fly from Gothenburg back to London.

The plane that SVT refers to having landed today is a Ryanair one that didn’t transport passengers (allowed to arrive empty). The BA one that landed yesterday did.


Quite a mix up from British Airways to have a plane landing with passengers to a country that won’t allow it to transport any. Perhaps they weren’t aware of all the restrictions affecting flights out from the UK?

There is no ban on ferrying planes to Sweden from the UK, but having passengers on board is prohibited.

Ryanair continues to sell tickets to flights from the UK to Sweden that take place this week. It is unclear what their plan is?