Reader Question: Issues With Accor Stays Getting Credited In Australia?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding an issue with Accor stays in Australia and get them credited to ALL.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I am just wondering whether people in general are having trouble receiving their Accor All points in Australia.  My last three bookings I have had to go back and specifically request they are added to my account.  Their website is pretty weak but it is a real pain when I have to go back and get my nights, points, and bonus points?

I know (I have actually seen it myself) that some hotels report the loyalty program member revenue to Accor manually. Still, I would imagine that the process is automated with most properties through Opera (PMS).

The hotels pay an extra fee to Accor for loyalty program members’ stays, so not so nice properties have an incentive not to credit them (saves money). Apparently, there is no extra cost for the hotels when you claim them later (penalty).

There is often a welcome letter with a business card attached if you are an elite member of Accor when you check-in. I would either take a photo of the card or save it until the stay has been posted.


Most of my stays, unless I have extended them, have posted just fine this year. I have one Marriott Bonvoy affiliated stay from three weeks ago that hasn’t been posted yet, and I have been in touch with the W twice to get the issue rectified.

I had one Sofitel stay in December that didn’t automatically credit to the account. Luckily, the hotel uses WhatsApp for guest requests, so I just messaged them, and the points were then credited to my account within a few hours.

The solution for these non-credits will be if the chains penalize hotels that fail to post guest stays timely and correctly.

Are there other readers in Australia that recently have had issued with points and stay postings?