Reminder: Choice Privileges Points Expire On January 1, 2021, If No Activity


Choice Privileges extended points expiry twice this year due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic back in March and May.

Members that have not had any points activity in the past 18 months will have theirs expire tomorrow, December 31, 2020. You better use them in the next 48 hours, or they are gone.

You can access Choice Privileges here.

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Better do something to 70,200 points expire on January 1!

Hotel room awards:

You can obviously use Choice Privileges points for award stays at their affiliated hotels.

There is something wrong if a hotel costing $40 requires 16,000 points or 8,000 points + $80.

Gift cards:

You can convert your Choice Privileges points into various gift cards at a ratio of 8,000 points per $25.

I decided to burn 64,000 points for two $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

I pressed REDEEM.

There is a “problem” processing the gift card order.

Conversion to miles:

You can convert Choice Privileges points into miles online with seven partners and with an additional five by calling in.

My choice, a pun intended, was essentially between American Airlines and Alaska. Choice made the selection for me because you can convert to Alaska Mileage Plan online while AA requires a phone call.

I chose to convert all of my points.

Worth 14,000 Alaska Airlines miles.

I received a confirmation that the transfer was complete and the miles were in my Alaska account.

Choice’s ideas on how to extend points validity:


I find it very unfortunate that Choice will wipe clean a significant number of Choice Privileges accounts on January 1, 2021. They did send out a reminder on December 1st that you need to act or the points are gone soon.

The easiest and the cheapest way to extend them would have been to redeem for the cheapest magazine you can subscribe to. I just decided to be done with these points because I don’t see myself staying at any of their affiliated hotels in the immediate future.