Turkey Requires Incoming Visitors To Have Negative Covid-19 PCR-RT Test Until March 1, 2021


Turkey and Turkish Airlines, greatly intertwined – the government owns just below 50%, have both sent out mixed signals over the past few days about Covid-19 PCR-RT test requirements for incoming and transit passengers.

Turkish Airlines has now clarified that testing is NOT required for those in transit unless the destination country requires it. Passengers entering Turkey need to have a negative PCR-RT test performed no more than 72 hours before scheduled departure.

You can access Turkish Airlines here.

Passengers arriving from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and South Africa, who enter Turkey need to quarantine for seven days, after which they are tested for Covid-19 again. If the test result is negative, the quarantine ends.

Here’s contradictory information that IATA TIMATIC currently has on file for Turkey:

Email update from Turkish Airlines on December 30:

Turkish Airlines Tweet on December 27:

The Tweet clearly states that ALL passengers are required to provide a negative test.

Turkish Airlines Tweet on December 30:

Now transit passengers are excluded unless the destination country requires a negative test result.


Turkey has been welcoming visitors in 2020 despite the on-going pandemic. It took a while for the country to start requiring a negative test for all incoming passengers, not including those in transit.

The messaging from the airline and the country has been rather chaotic, however. First, the negative test was required from all passengers, and two days later, those in transit were excluded.