Hilton Honors Unable To Show 2021 Status Progress?


Most loyalty programs wiped the tier progress to zero this past Friday if they use the calendar year for qualification purposes (the majority do).

Hilton’s app that shows the Honors qualification progress in 2021 asks us to “hang tight” while they try to come up with the numbers.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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However, the website clearly states that I have completed 63 nights (not sure if this is the rollover into 2021 or the actual number of nights I slept with Hilton in 2020).

The process this year is a bit more complicated than previously because all the nights consumed in 2020 are rolled over to 2021.

Hilton Honors Rolls All 2020 Nights To 2021

Hilton also lowered the Honors qualification requirements for 2021 by halving them.

Members whose status based on 2018 qualification was set to expire at the end of March 2020 saw it extended through the March of this year (2021). Members who qualified in 2019 through March 2021 have had their extended until March 2022.

Hilton Honors 2019 & 2020 Status Extensions Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

You can also earn Milestone Bonuses faster in 2021, but these are based on actual nights consumed in 2021 (rollovers do not count).


There have been occasional glitches in how Hilton Honors has displayed the rollover from the previous year and Milestone Bonuses.

Rolling over all nights consumed in 2020 and the lowered qualification requirements and halving the number of nights when Milestone Bonuses kick in may further complicate things.

Let’s see when the counter is live again.