Why The LoyaltyLobby Team Has Ordered Their Set Of (The Cheapest) Tickets For The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics


Japan has prepared and invested massive sums of money for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics which ended up being cancelled last year and were postponed to Summer 2021 (July/August).

While it’s not 100% certain how (if) these games will be held there have been several ideas floating around about allowing spectators back into Japan despite the current strict immigration restrictions, one of which is to give a special permit to those holding Olympic tickets.

Currently there is a freeze on foreigners without Residency Permit entering Japan and while the country might eventually allow business travelers again it’s pretty certain that tourism entries under the visa waiver program will be shelved for the foreseeable future.

We have been monitoring the Tokyo 2020 Olympics progress for a few years and with Covid-19 thrown in this has thrown a wrench in the entire process. It’s obvious that at some point these games must be held because Japan has invested massive amounts of money into the infrastructure for these games.

The question is: If the games are indeed held in the summer of 2020 how will the country process visitors for the games who have purchased tickets?

The most recent idea was to track visitors by GPS but how about entry into the country?

One idea that floated around was to pick up on the model Russia previously applied, allowing those holding tickets for the sporting event a special entry into the country. Remember Russia usually has an extremely strict visa application process that was waived when applying for a FanID after purchasing tickets for any soccer match.

I did some research to figure out what the cheapest tickets for Tokyo 2021 are and how to obtain them because this differs from country to country.

You can access the official instruction page here.

For residents of Germany tickets are actually on sale right now through DERTOUR which is the Olympic Committees local liaison for ticket sales.

So I browsed through the tickets that were available and found to my surprise that the cheapest ones were as little as 24 Euro. I ordered a set of three for our LoyaltyLobby team.

These were for a random Hockey game in July. I highly doubt that any of us would attend this pre-round game but who knows maybe we will if there is not much else to do. That is IF these games actually go ahead this year.

I’m curious how this is going to turn out because I’d really like to visit Japan again and ideally without quarantine. I’m also having my eyes on entering the country in April again under a Japanese Business visa which would however require a home quarantine if at all available.

Late March / early April is traditionally the popular cherry blossom season in Japan but another year without tourists means a huge loss to Japan’s tourism industry. Not even talking about the costs for Tokyo 2020.

The situation is getting a bit more dire in Japan at the moment and the Governor of Tokyo has asked the Central Government to declare a state of emergency. Nevertheless I’m looking positive towards the spring and summer.


Japan is thinking about allowing those who hold Tokyo 2020 Olympic tickets to enter Japan in the summer in order to attend the games. For now this is just an idea and the details are still being evaluated.

We decided to buy the cheapest Olympic tickets for just 24 Euro per person to be eligible in case this program actually rolls out. If the games are cancelled then no loss, these tickets will be refunded by DERTOUR.

The supplier depends on the country of your residency so I’d refer you to the website I linked above if you’d like to do the same.