Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Introduces Milestone Awards Based On SIA Elite Miles Credited

Singapore Airlines has sent out an email this afternoon announcing a new system of Milestone Awards that are awarded to members based on the amount of elite miles credited throughout the membership year.

Krisflyer has a revolving membership year that depends on the date when the member signed up for the account unlike most other programs that strictly go by calendar year.

Milestone Awards will reward the member for reaching certain thresholds throughout the membership year and can be tailored individually.

You can access Singapore Airlines website for this new system here.

When you fly with Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or Scoot, you will earn both KrisFlyer miles and Elite miles. Your Elite miles track you towards a higher membership tier or requalification of your current Elite status, and give you rewards when you reach specific milestones, starting from 5,000 Elite miles. Just one of the many privileges you will enjoy as a KrisFlyer member.

Earn 5,000 Elite miles or more within a single calendar year by flying with Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, or Scoot* to enjoy these KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards. Click here to find out how many Elite miles you will earn for a Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flight, or check how many Elite miles you will earn for a Scoot flight.

So one thing the immediately sticks out is that these milestones can only be collected with Elite Miles accrued with flights on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Scoot. Star Alliance flights will not count towards these thresholds.

Here are the individual levels that can be reached:

The first few Milestone Awards are rather lackluster if you ask me and the bonus miles are only applicable to a single flight segment. Big deal!

The upgrades require reaching the 75,000 and 100,000 level respectively and I’m not sure that’s worth it. Remember these are SIA Group miles only.

These are the T&C for the upgrade awards:

  • The Advance Upgrade reward is valid for 12 months from the date of issue for eligible flights operated and marketed by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir. It can be used by the principal member or for his/her redemption nominee.
  • Upgrades are subject to availability at the point when the reward is applied.
  • To redeem the reward online, you should have one Advance Upgrade reward for each passenger in your booking. All passengers in the booking will be upgraded for one flight segment. If you wish to use the reward only for selected passengers in the booking, contact KrisFlyer Membership Services.
  • The Advance Upgrade reward may be combined with Bonus KrisFlyer Miles reward. However, bonus KrisFlyer miles will only be awarded based on the original (i.e. pre-upgraded) booking.
  • This reward cannot be combined with a redemption ticket (including HighFlyer), with a redemption upgrade, or with mySQupgrade.
  • KrisFlyer terms and conditions apply.
  • For Short-haul Advance Upgrade awarded at 75,000 Elite miles:
  • The reward can only be used if the original commercial booking is in the following classes: Economy Class -Y, B, E, M, H, W; Premium Economy Class – S, T, P, L; Business Class – Z, C, J, U.
  • The reward can only be used for a one-cabin class upgrade in one flight segment flying from:
  • i. Zone 1 to Zone 2, or vice versa;
  • i. Zone 1 to Zone 3, or vice versa;
  • For Premium Economy Advance Upgrade awarded at 100,000 Elite miles:
  • The reward can only be used if the original commercial booking is in Economy Class -Y, B, E, M, H, W.
  • The reward can only be used for an upgrade in one flight segment from Economy to Premium Economy Class.

Not necessarily very favorable terms for these upgrades if you ask me. These booking classes listed here are expensive. And that’s supposed to be a reward?

Oh well, it’s an extra so I guess one shouldn’t look a gifted horse in the mouth.


Singapore Airlines has introduced Milestone Rewards for KrisFlyer members who credit plenty of SIA group elite miles on their accounts. It’s up to the member to determine if these awards are really worthwhile going for, in my opinion they are pretty lackluster and almost useless up to the 40,000 level.

Only SIA Group airlines will count towards the thresholds. If you fly Star Alliance these elite miles won’t count at all.