Trick To Get Hilton Honors App To Show 2021 Status, Rollover Nights & Progress Towards Milestone Bonuses


Hilton’s website and Honors app tend to take a couple of weeks off at the beginning of the year while “calculating” the new membership year’s numbers.

A LoyaltyLobby reader left a note to a piece we published the other day (read more here) on how to get the app to show this information that, for some reason, Hilton doesn’t want you to see.

You can access Hilton here.

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Here’s a note that a reader left:

Quick tip for the ones don’t want to wait for the “hang tight” notification to go away.

Just put your phone to flight mode or otherwise block the app from accessing the internet (and the service returning that “hang tight” flag) before opening the app and it will show you all the information available from the previous refresh.

Just note the information might still change as they seem to be manually updating some of the values thus the long “hang tight” wait time.

And I can confirm that this works at least on Apple devices. I couldn’t get it to work on my Android.

Just make sure that you close the app and disable the mobile data and WiFi access before relaunching it. The app will then pull up the most recently downloaded data that correctly shows the 2021 status (at least it does for me).

The app indicates that I had 60 nights rolling over from 2020, and I already have five (should be four) consumed nights towards 2021 Milestone Bonuses.


Hilton must not like you to access this information right now, as it may think that it is either incomplete, not up to date, or misleading.

The rollover nights from 2020 appear to be correct, and the nights consumed in 2021 might be off by one.