Reader Question: Marriott Or Hilton Match For Southeast Asia?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about what hotel loyalty program pursue in Southeast Asia in 2021, in addition to Accor ALL and World of Hyatt.

Hong Kong Conrad & JW Marriott

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Here’s the question from a reader:

I’m an ALL platinum member. I will be able to reach Hyatt Globalist soon. With my membership statuses in ALL and Hyatt, I wish to match my status to either Marriott Bonvoy or Hilton Honors.

After matching to a MB / HH membership status, I will then try my best to stay in a MB or HH hotel for sufficient nights to keep my MB / HH status.

After travel bans are lifted, I most probably will travel to countries in South East Asia and maybe to the UK too. Considering the perks and benefits, would you recommend MB or HH?

Thanks for your recommendations in advance.

Hilton has already communicated their reduced Honors qualification criteria for 2021 and has also updated its status match policy for the new year. Marriott Bonvoy has not done either.

Hilton has continuous Honors promotions for bonus points while Marriott Bonvoy, at times, may have months in between them.

Hilton Honors Diamond customer service is far better than what you receive at the Ambassador-level with Marriott, requiring 100 nights and $20K in a calendar year.

I do, however, slightly favor Marriott brands over Hilton’s.

Marriott is also stronger in Southeast Asia than Hilton.

Overall, I would say that it is a draw. I could go either way in the reader’s case.

If the quality of hotels and luxury hotels is of more importance, I would choose Marriott. If the reader is after bonus points and a more rewarding program in terms of free nights, I would choose Hilton.


Many readers are contemplating what they should do with the airline and hotel loyalty programs in 2021, and we continue to cover all the changes taking place this year and in the future. I will cover over the weekend what my plans are for 2021.

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