Domestic Travelers Within Thailand Now Might Have To Enter 14 Day Quarantine, Tourists Can Proceed To Phuket Following ASQ

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Several provinces in Thailand have now – by orders of their respective Governor – mandated an arrival quarantine period of up to 14 days when coming from a Covid-risk area within the Kingdom.

The was briefly a concern for those tourists who recently traveled to Thailand with a tourist or visa waiver as they are currently completing their initial 14 Day mandatory Alternative State Quarantine in the Bangkok area.

The Thailand Tourism Authority has in the meanwhile confirmed that those passengers who have recently completed their ASQ quarantine and proceed immediately to their destination in Phuket will not have to quarantine a second time as long as they can present their ASQ completion certificate.

You can access this announcement on TAT’s Facebook page here.

But this only concerns either Thai nationals or tourists who just entered Thailand and are in the process of completing their quarantine.

For everyone else the situation isn’t great.

Here are two announcements as published in the Bangkok Post:

Right now everyone who wants to travel out of a select number of Thai provinces actually has to seek written approval and this includes Chon Buri, the province where Pattaya is located – very popular with foreigners but also Thais over the weekend.

For Phuket the situation is also dire. I just got back from there today and the Governor of Phuket signed the following papers:

It basically says that those who travel from Bangkok have to do 14 days home and hotel quarantine with self monitoring and to download a government app called Mor Chana app, as well as register online at .

Thai isn’t an easy language and even friends of mine who studied law often have issues interpreting what these orders actually say in detail because of so may conflicting parts.

Richard Barrow has a detailed ticket about the situation in Thailand as well and he writes this on Twitter:

I can’t speak to the accuracy of his interpretation. In fact it drives me crazy that such vital information isn’t published in clear English and that stuff like this is frequently left to a travel blogger which is one reasons why Richard Barrow became such a prominent name in Thailand (and was recently awarded the B.E.M by the Queen for Services to British Citizens Overseas).

Richard is a bit Covid obsessed recently so I tend to follow his feed a bit less and only for information such as this. Let’s say he has often been right before with his announcements and his translations are certainly better than mine.

Phuket was already very quiet these last ten days I spent there even with the steady influx of tourists from Bangkok. If this is now breaking away then tourism on the island will enter a death spiral again.


If you’re a foreign or Thai tourist seeking to travel in the country at the moment you might want to keep a detailed look on these rules either by checking the newspapers such as the Bangkok Post regularly and/or contact your hotel about the current rules of arriving there. They should know and if the first person on the phone/email doesn’t demand senior management to research it for you.

Right now domestic travel plans can be rescheduled with most suppliers including hotels and airlines, refer to the booking conditions as well as change fee waivers published on the suppliers website.